Life Demands Fitness — Be Prepared


You have sacrificed your health and physique to chase your career and start your family.

That is okay.

But now, it is time to reclaim your health and Fitness.

As a busy high-achiever, you deserve a training solution that’s as intelligent, dynamic, and versatile as you are.

We coach people to regain their sense of physical agency and unleash their inner primal athlete.

Get Fit, Get Lean, Get Primal

Because Fitness Matters.

How can The Primal Way help you?

We’ve embraced the life of fitness and distilled it into an accessible, effective approach that fits seamlessly into your hectic lifestyle.

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Guided Coaching

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Want to reclaim your Primal Physicality?

Here is how to begin:

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PrimalThenics combines primal movement patterns with modern fitness techniques, providing a holistic approach to fitness that improves strength, flexibility, and overall wellness.

I am Chris Miller, I started coaching when I was 14 and have been doing it ever since, over the past 27 years. I've completed several university degrees and over a hundred courses and certifications in health and fitness. I am also a stay-at-home dad and Husband.

My coaching style is the result of my long arduous history with injuries and illnesses. I had 3 knee reconstructions but the time I was 20 and was told I would never run or walk properly again. Before my 30th I had a tumor in my sinus cavity that plagued me with neurological symptoms and resulted in a nearly 3-year-long palate reconstruction process.

I have worked with and coached over 20 Olympic and Commonwealth Games athletes as well as sporting teams like the QLD Reds, Wallabies, Broncos, and Western Force amongst others.

I created the online PrimalThenics world in 2015 and opened the PrimalThenics studio in 2020, and LeanSuits Fitness in 2022.

My goal is to build such an awesome Primal World, providing in-depth and holistic coaching services for the 35 - 55-year-old busy working parent, that I help 1000 men and women overcome their aches and pains, and fitness woes, and build a magnificent team of real-life-mid-life Jason Bourne style fitness weapons capable of taking over the world.

Welcome to PrimalThenics.

Here we meet our evolutionary responsibility of being Fit, Strong, and Mobile.


71 Alderson Street,

Newmarket, 4051 QLD.


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